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The Iowa Rural Schools Museum captures the spirit and pride of Iowa's rural past. The school once stood in Richland Township, Sac County, Iowa, and was known as Willow Tree or Richland #1.


In October 2011 the school was moved to the nearby town of Odebolt by the Rural Legacy Project committee and has been restored to the Victorian look it had when it opened in 1883. It is representative of the 12,623 schools that were part of the Iowa rural schools system and helped shape Iowa's rural development and character. 


This museum celebrates the contributions of rural schools in Iowa.

Our Rural Legacy

The "Adams Ranch Story" can be purchased by contacting Barb Bloom at 3663 Karr Ave., Wall Lake, IA, 51466 or at 712-664-2161.  See "Resources" page.

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Hours for the Iowa Rural Schools Museum

The Iowa Rural Schools Museum

is located at:

122 W. Second St.

Odebolt, IA 51458


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Memorial Day through

September 1

Wednesday: 10-4

Saturday: 2 - 4

Sunday: 2 - 4

Call (712) 668-4285 or 712-830-8328 to tour

the museum outside of

these hours.

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